WrestleMany of us are aware of the pay gap — that is, the disparity between what women earn and what men earn both on average and within specific occupations. (See this excellent paper from Harvard University labor economist Claudia Goldin for more on the subject; or, if you’re pressed for time, read The New York Times’ recap of the paper.)

But we may not be as aware of the gender disparities that exist in the hiring process itself. “Gender impacts the job search in complex ways,” concludes a new infographic from MedReps.com. “[S]tereotypes and bias unintentionally affect everyone.”

Some of the most interesting findings of the infographic include:

  • The language used in job advertisements can discourage women from applying.
  • Employers expect male candidates to perform better than female candidates when they have no access to information about candidates’ work experiences.
  • Employers are two times more¬†likely to hire male candidates than female candidates when making decisions based on appearances alone.

The first step in¬†addressing the stereotypes and biases that unconsciously and subtly impact our hiring decisions is to be aware that they exist. Check out the full infographic below, and begin the strenuous work of deprogramming yourself of unconscious biases. We all have them — so let’s take action.

Battle of the Sexes

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