Lynn-DixonGotta’ full-time job, but still looking for a way to earn some extra cash? Or maybe the typical 9-to-5 isn’t your cup of tea and you’d prefer freelance projects? Perhaps you’re even retired and would simply like a part-time job to supplement your pension? If any of these sounds like your situation, may be the solution you need.

Most people could use some extra income, but, outside of asking for a raise, most workers aren’t sure how to obtain it. is now available to lend you a hand. The company, created by husband and wife entrepreneurial team Brooke and Lynn Dixon, is a unique resource dedicated to matching flexible talent with the companies that need it. Part-time, seasonal, temporary or freelance, Hourly aims to help job seekers find opportunities to “work on their time.” had the opportunity to chat with Co-founder and COO Lynn Dixon about the exciting new startup. Read on to see what she had to say about the vision behind and the uniqueness that is sure to not only secure its future, but that of the millions of flexible job seekers as well:

1. What are some of the most common hiring issues you have encountered, issues leading you to start Hourly?

Hourly was founded based on our own frustration that came with finding freelance work, as well as having to fill seasonal positions. Working in special events, there were many occasions where we had to find extra service staff, and the process was totally maddening. Ads on Craiglist, open calls, follow-up meetings, and background checks…then to have people not show the day of the event.

On the flip side, we have worked as freelancers and experienced the sheer panic that comes from consistently looking for your next gig. We knew that had to be an easier way to connect great experienced people with open jobs in a way that was simple and easy for both sidesthus, Hourly was born.

2. How did you come up with the company’s name?

Like so many other startups, when we started the company we had a different name in mind, but couldn’t secure the rights from the domain-monger that owned it. As a result, we went through the creative exercise of considering various alternative names, and given the common element of all our job types, came up with The company was re-branded under in 2011 when we acquired the domain after having negotiated a year-long rent-to-own agreement with its owner.

3. Is Hourly only for people seeking part-time or temporary work?

Hourly is for anyone interested in flexible work, whether a job seeker or employer looking to hire. Seasonal, temporary, freelance, contingent, project, gig, part-time, volunteer, intern or hourly, we provide a platform for finding work quickly and easily.

Job seekers are able to build a dynamic work profile that highlights their background, skills, experience, social links, and job preferences. Employers too can create a business profile where they are able to post job opportunities. They are then matched with existing members who fit the criteria of the posting. Employers can instantly begin reviewing members in Hourly who match their description, and contact those candidates through their dashboard, in some cases filling jobs in hours versus days and weeks.

4. About how many people has Hourly helped secure jobs since its launch?

Hourly has helped approximately 1,700 people find jobs while in its beta version. Now that we have launched our full-site, we look forward to helping some of the 95 million Americans who work “on the clock” and not only provide them with a place to find new job opportunities, but with resources that are geared to their specific needs, and help them get ahead.

5. What makes Hourly different from other job boards (e.g. Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.)?

Hourly stands out from other job boards for a number of reasons. We match candidates and employers based on their professional backgrounds, skills, schedules, job interests, location, and pay. We’re one of the few resources that target the flexible workforce. Additionally, job seekers and employers are verified and vouched for using background checks, recommendations, and ratings, giving them credibility. Plus, we market jobs through a targeted list of job sites, schools, and association boards to ensure the best candidates are found.

6. Final thoughts?

The way we find work and workers has become an unnecessarily tedious process. So, whether you’re an employer looking for the perfect part-time worker, or a job seeker looking for a contracted job, Hourly streamlines the process by allowing each side to connect and review key information upfront.

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