people in bubbleSelf-discovery engine and social network, Good.Co, is helping employees everywhere “decode workplace happiness” with its recent launch of the company’s first mobile app, which is available for iOS.

After a successful beta web app with more than 100K users, this new all-mobile Good.Co app provides users with more quizzes and assessments, helping them uncover the many different layers of their personalities. The new app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iOS7 for free.

Users can utilize the new app to:

  • Take new, in-depth self-discovery quizzes helping give them a 360-degree science-based look at themselves. Quizzes help unveil characteristics such as unique traits, introverted or extroverted qualities, emotional triggers, organizational and work approaches, collaboration style and more.
  • Find their FitScore through an anonymous assessment of their family, friends and coworkers to discover compatibility and insights for improving relationships and interactions.
  • Access Good.Co’s extensive database of companies to determine culture fit

“Millennial workers are more than just a sum of their generation,” Samar Birwadker, CEO and co-founder of Good.Co, said. “They are complex and unique individuals who are eager to contribute and engage at work, and who prioritize culture fit.  Yet the idea of culture fit still remains a buzzword, and is difficult to define.  We are decoding the science behind it and building the framework for workplace happiness to impact both people and companies.”

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