puzzle piecesGP Strategies, provider of performance improvement solutions, has released an updated version of its study, Employee Engagement Research Report: Beyond the Numbers: A Practical Approach for Individuals, Managements and Executives, indicating that engaged employees produce superior performance results for their employers. The performance boost was achieved thanks to the active involvement and enthusiasm engaged employees feel towards their day-to-day jobs. The report is based on survey results received from over 7,000 employees worldwide and suggests a potential rise in employee engagement levels.

The report uncovered the following key findings:

• The higher an employee is positioned within an organization, the more engaged that employee becomes. The survey found that 59 percent of executives self-reported high levels of engagement compared to 27 percent for clerical and administrative employees.

• The number of employees who feel satisfied with the career opportunities offered by their employers has risen 9 percent since 2011.

• Gender was found not to be a significant factor in employee engagement in Western economies though substantial gaps were found between men and women in India (an 11 percent gender gap), the Persian Gulf (a 7 percent gender gap), and South America (a 7 percent gender gap). In all cases, men reported being more engaged than their women counterparts.


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