social referral program for small businessesNewton Software, provider of SMB applicant tracking system Newton, has unveiled Gravity, a mobile, social employee referral app for small- and medium-sized businesses. Gravity is fully integrated into the Newton ATS allowing employees to share jobs to social networks while remaining engaged through monthly contests for referral vouching. Gravity is a free upgrade for Newton users and is accessible from any mobile device and requires no additional training.

Split into two parts, the Gravity referral app contains tools for employers and employees. For employers, Gravity hosts monthly leader boards to track all-time performance and gives employers the ability to create referral competitions and recognize referral leaders. Employees can also vouch for referees once they have applied and can be discretely viewed from newton by HR and recruiters. Gravity also makes it easy to advertise and manage referral rewards.

For employees, Gravity has an easy sign-up process that is available on any mobile device. The app’s social tracking software is integrated with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn for easy job sharing. To enhance the social aspect of referrals, employees can earn rewards and points for liking, posting, and sharing jobs with connections with additional points earned when referrals apply and are hired. Employees also have the option to vouch for an applicant and receive alerts when their referrals are hired.

“Our goal has always been to make recruiting and hiring simpler, smarter, and safer for employers. Our Gravity app is the simple, smart and safe answer for employers that want to attract talent with the help of their greatest asset, their employees,” says Joel Passen, Newton’s Head of Marketing and Co-Founder. “I’m really excited about the Gravity app because it incorporates all the coolest trends like social, mobile and gamification into really useful technology that anyone can use without any training. Plus, this is a fully-integrated feature. Employers using Newton don’t need to go out and buy yet another tool or product. Essentially, they can now leverage their collective social networks at no additional cost. That’s a big value for growing organizations.”


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