isight logoi-Sight has announced an update to its grievance tracking software that helps companies track and manage internal investigations to reduce legal risks. The software lets companies act quickly to document employee complaints of harassment, discrimination, or other misconduct and investigate each case. The updated i-Sight interface streamlines the investigative process and shields against potential lawsuits.

“One of the biggest improvements in our grievance tracking software is its intuitive mobile platform, allowing investigators, managers, attorneys, or anyone else working on a case to access files and information on their mobile device,” said Joe Gerard, Vice President, Marketing and Sales at i-Sight.

Gerard continues, “With customized built-in reminders and alerts, workplace investigations stay on schedule. Investigators and managers can track deadlines and manage the escalation of cases to ensure timelines set out in the collective agreement are respected.”

While i-Sight has been useful in cases where compliance and deadlines have been critical, thus requiring a clear paper trail demonstrating that deadlines have been met, the new updates expand its functionality to provide timelines and dates of the investigation process in order to show the proper and prompt actions of the company, if necessary. Grievance tracking software simplifies the investigative process by providing a central location for case notes, updates, and evidence. i-Sight’s new features make it easier to document and investigate complaints in a timely manner while lowering the risk for lawsuits through better documented and thorough internal investigations.


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