wantedReal-time business intelligence provider WANTED Technologies is adding a new feature to its Analytics BI platform: so-called interactive heat maps. The new map tool provides insight into the demand and supply of candidates and information such as average salary ranges, average time-to-fill, and the difficulty of filling a position all around the country. Each state and metro area displays pertinent data to aid in the assessment of recruiting conditions throughout the U.S. so that recruiters can best locate prime candidate sources and analyze job markets before beginning the recruitment process.

“This is the first ever visual display of real-time supply and demand for talent,” said Bruce Murray, President and CEO of WANTED Technologies. “With this tool, recruiters and hiring managers can see just where it will be easiest to find qualified candidates. This accelerates the hiring process and reduces costs across the board.”

Data regarding the difficulty in hiring are based on local or regional demand for candidates and the number candidates available. The fewer available qualified candidates, and the more employers there are to recruiter them, the higher the difficult rating for that area. The heat maps give detailed measurements for all types of positions and locations and can range from the general, national level on down to the local labor markets at county level.

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