hirevue logoDigital interviewing platform provider HireVue recently announced the launch of WorldVue, a full-service platform to help non-profits meet their volunteer and temporary staffing needs. The free service helps qualifying not-for-profit organizations and NGOs source, vet and interview volunteers. According to HireVue, the new staffing software is best suited for registered not-for-profit organizations that are volunteer-centric and have a global geographical presence.”

“Technology should help facilitate social good. Non-profits have suffered just as much as enterprise companies when it comes to archaic ways of identifying, interviewing and interacting with the best talent,” Mark Newman, CEO and founder of HireVue, said. “WorldVue can help build the world’s best non-profits by allowing volunteers to better identify how they can contribute, and by creating a better volunteer experience along the way.”

WorldVue features include:

  • Access to same technology and full-service experience as HireVue’s customer base
  • Secure platform that powers on-demand and live interviews
  • Social sourcing
  • Candidate rating and rating sharing with other decision makers
  • Branded landing pages
  • White-glove user training
  • 24/7 online and phone support in a dozen languages

“It’s simply unacceptable in this day and age that a lack of resources can stand between worthy non-profits and the best volunteer talent.  However, every day around the globe non-profits suffer from this very thing, particularly in instances of natural disaster or where volunteer needs are dispersed geographically,” said Jeff Barson of HireVue Labs, the startup that produced WorldVue. “At HireVue Labs, we provide a technology platform for companies that are rethinking the way people connect and communicate – whether it’s a candidate and a prospective employer, a doctor and a patient or a politician and a voter. WorldVue is simply one example of how we incubate new and relevant applications of the HireVue technology beyond human resources.”

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