male hand touching virtual icon of social networkIn order to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile you need to understand how recruiters and HR professionals are using the social network to find new employees.

Recruiters want to see that you are committed to your industry, and they verify this by seeing that you keep your profile updated, that you use the social features, that you post or share content that is industry-relevant, follow top professionals in your field, and join relevant groups.

Recruiters want to see this activity on your LinkedIn profile, so get to it. All of these things show that you are engaged and dedicated to your specific career industry.

Is Your Profile Showing up in Searches?

Make sure your profile shows up in searches. When a recruiter searches for professionals, especially those in your career field, your profile needs to come up in the search results.

If it doesn’t, how will the recruiters know that you even exist? You do this by listing your industry (or the one in which you want to work) in the header of your profile.

Your LinkedIn Summary

Fill out your LinkedIn profile’s summary. Outline your career goals and how your work history, education, awards, and anything else you have earned relates to your goals.

This is your chance to really sell yourself. Some job seekers hire copywriters to help them create an irresistible LinkedIn summary. It’s that important.

Use Keywords

Use keywords throughout your profile. Find ways to use them so recruiters searching can find you easily. Don’t just stick them in anywhere. That would look superficial. Weave them in creatively so it’s natural.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Join industry relevant groups on LinkedIn, but don’t just let your membership sit there. Get in on conversations. Show up when there are meetings online. You never know when there is a recruiter checking out the groups for new talent. You just might get hired by showing a sincere interest in your industry.

Stay Active

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn you have to stay active. Keep your profile updated. If anything changes you need to update your profile. When you get a new headshot from your photographer upload it to your profile. Create and share industry related content (blogs, articles, videos, etc.) on your profile.

Get Connected

Connections are important on LinkedIn, and can help you show up in search results. Find previous work colleagues, employers, peers, and those you want to be connected to that are leaders in your field.

The more connections you have, the better, but make sure they are career related. Don’t just connect with anyone just to increase your connection numbers. Recruiters will also be able to connect with you easier when you have more connections in your field.

Staying active on your LinkedIn profile is the most important thing to do. This is how recruiters find top talent on this social media network. Make time to participate in your groups’ conversations, start new conversations, join new groups, and respond to comments on your feed.

Don’t forget to share your contact information. Let recruiters know how to reach you with an email address, a website, your cell phone number, and your address. When a recruiter is interested they should have several ways to contact you, not just the LinkedIn messaging.

Get your profile sizzling and you just might be able to can earn your new job via LinkedIn.

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