flipping magazine pageiCIMS, Inc., a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition software solutions, recently introduced an eBook created to provide dynamic data insights on both employers and job seekers. Insight into the Mind of Today’s Job Seeker is the first in a quarterly series of research eBooks that offers readers both perspectives on today’s talent marketplace. The new eBook is current available for complimentary download on the company’s thought leadership site, the Hire Expectations Institute™.

The SaaS company conducted an audit of more than 60,000 jobs posted in 2013 and surveyed more than 700 job seekers when researching for the eBook. Some of the data revealed that 62 percent of people (employed and unemployed) are actively looking for or open to new career opportunities.

“With the economy bouncing back, active job seekers have more career options than they have had in recent years. Hiring companies need to adjust their recruiting strategies to address the expectations of today’s job seekers, or they’re going to miss out on top talent,” said iCIMS Chief Marketing Officer Susan Vitale. “Now more than ever, organizations need to deploy targeted talent acquisition strategy, and with the right technology tools in place even small and medium-sized companies can more effectively attract, source, hire, and retain the right talent.”

eBook excerpts include:

Behaviors of Today’s Job Seekers – When it comes to searching for a new job, 49 percent of people prefer a web search. The majority of Baby Boomers (people ages 46-64) look to social media for jobs, while Generation X-ers (people ages 30-45) look to job boards, and Millennials (people ages 18-29) prefer a web search to find their next job opportunity.

Influencers of Today’s Job Seekers – Job seekers prefer applying online with 42 percent of people favoring an online application process through a company’s career portal.

Attitudes of Today’s Job Seekers – More than 40 percent of active job seekers believe video technology is a valuable way to stand out among applicants, and 25 percent report that it saves them time and money during the recruitment process.

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