Chef Infographic sectionIt’s probably one of the most common questions asked around the world: What do you want to be when you grow up? And a lot of people spend most of their lives trying to answer this.

We’re offered a plethora of information on “common” occupations.

Want to be a doctor? Go to medical school.

Want to be a lawyer? Go to law school.

Teacher, dentist, firefighter, policeman: most people have a good sense of what it takes to succeed in these roles (or there’s plenty of information out there to educate them). But what about those “uncommon” careers? The ones that don’t necessarily have structured paths? Take a chef, for instance. Besides the usual Le Cordon Bleu commercials, what information do the masses have about being successful in the culinary world?

Well, the folks at are here to educate you with their latest infographic “How to Become a Chef” infographic. The infographic details all things culinary, noting that there isn’t a recipe for culinary success, but a few key ingredients.

Those include:

  • Being eager to discover new and inventive ways to prepare and serve food;
  • Being able to use limited resources to create a dish even the pickiest eater will love; and
  • Being convinced that you have the skills to win any cooking show contest.

The data also states that by 2020 there will be around 99,800 chefs in the U.S. Chefs have a range of titles and some other culinary positions have similar duties to a chef, such as sous chef, baker, chef de cuisine and executive chef.

Thinking of taking up a position? The infographic explains that while becoming a chef without formal training is possible, another approach is to:

  • Graduate high school
  • Gain work experience in a professional kitchen environment
  • Receive formal training (2-4 year program) or train in a mentorship program under an experienced chef
  • Work as an apprentice
  • Get certified by the American Culinary Federation in a culinary specialty

Chefs can earn anywhere from the low $20,000’s to mid $70,000’s a year with a national yearly median of $42, 480.

Chef Infographic

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