new employee self service mobile appInfoTronics, Inc., a technology provider of time and attendance solutions, has announced the release of Employee Self Service (ESS) Mobile featuring adaptive mobile technology and employee notification.

The new tool adapts the employee’s home screen to what the employee needs to do and how the employee works. Notifications alert employees only when necessary such as when they need to take action to fix missing punches, approve time cards, or read messages.

A single ESS Mobile app presents different operations to different employees based on employee permissions. For example, one employee can review information and request time off, but not work remotely. Another employee’s app contains a Punch button, while yet another employee has an Enter Hours button to populate a daily worksheet.

Notifications provide instant alerts when significant events occur. Employees can be notified of specific conditions, such as missing punches and time cards that require approval. Employees can also notify supervisors of late arrival or absence.

“Employees become responsible for correcting their own time cards; supervisors simply approve employee edits—all from the convenience of their mobile device,” Beth Baerman, director of Communications, said.

ESS Mobile is available, free of charge, in Apple’s App Store and in Google Play. The app is searchable under the name ESS Mobile or InfoTronics, Inc.

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