innovativeInnovative Enterprises’ Infinity Screening Solutions Set, providing court research, data solutions, and ancillary services to the background screening industry, has received several powerful new services including its FirstAAlert criminal incident monitoring solution. FirstAAlert offers a year of daily monitoring for new arrests processed through over 3,000 national law enforcement agencies. Additionally, the NCIS variant of FirstAAlert expands the criminal incidence search using the company’s National Criminal Information Scan technology.

The intention behind the service is to allow employers to proactively identify and eliminate those factors that may increase incidents of negligent retention claims, workplace violence, loss attributable to shrinkage, and associated negative publicity. “The market has rapidly embraced Infinity Screening since its launch late last year,” said Clifford J. Williams, Innovative’s Vice President and COO, “With the expanded capability to build a monitoring program around the FirstAAlert system, our Screening Industry Partners now have the ability to offer employers an unprecedented level of proactive, post-hire risk mitigation that far surpasses even the best pre-employment screening tools available.”

Infinity Screening is available through Innovative’s network of resellers who can be located at Innovative is an industry pioneer and founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and has also worked to formulate best practice guidelines for the industry. Offered screening tools were developed in close partnership with experts in public records research and aggregation, law enforcement, judicial administration, and private investigation.

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