software fingerCloud-based provider of proprietary Predictive Talent Selection solutions and video-interviewing solutions provider Take the Interview, have combined forces to create an assessment-based video interviewing solution to further streamline the talent acquisition process.

“Advances in hiring technology and the globalization of the workforce are putting continued pressure on organizations to seek new ways to reduce talent acquisition costs and improve candidate quality,” said Greg Moran, chairman and chief executive officer of “For a host of positions, the combination of assessments with sophisticated video interviewing technology provides organizations incremental returns. Our partnership with Take the Interview will ensure that organizations are set to reap these benefits through an integrated solution that delivers a seamless user experience for recruiters, managers and applicants.”

The solutions combine’s ChequedFit assessment app with ChequedInterview structured guides along with Take the Interviews video interviewing platform. The solution includes behavioral and cultural fit assessments built on’s competency library and benchmarks and other predictive talent selection solutions.

“By integrating our proprietary video interviewing technology with’s proven predictive assessment content, selection technology and interview guides, we will offer an expanded suite of on demand video interviewing solutions to further address the demands of our global client base,” said Danielle Weinblatt, founder and chief executive officer of Take the Interview. “We look forward to providing our customers a new set of screening and selection tools to further improve candidate quality.”

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