intelliverse logoB2B cloud services provider Intelliverse has announced the launch of IntelliBuzz, a new service offering organizations the ability to monitor, measure, and optimize social media interactions across varied social media platforms. The goal is to help companies better understand their customers while integrating a social CRM channel for aligning social media strategies with the greater business objectives.

“Today’s businesses cannot choose whether or not to engage in social media,” said Frank E. Paterno, VP of Marketing at Intelliverse. “Customers are expressing both joy and frustration socially. Companies that aren’t listening and choose not to participate in these conversations will quickly become obsolete.”

For marketing, IntelliBuzz provides a single dashboard that consolidates the analysis, publishing, and reporting of multiple social media campaigns into one portal. The service also lets marketers schedule posts, measure social trending activity about their brand, and protect and spread the overall message of their brand through social outreach.

Customer service and sales organizations can use the service to quickly response to social conversations about a company with its easy implementation into an existing, overarching CRM strategy. Clients are able to find social activity (questions and positive and negative feedback), deliver it to the appropriate team and track each interaction and response.

HR and legal departments can use IntelliBuzz to track employee happiness levels and more quickly identify potential negative issues through monitoring the social media activity of an organization’s employees. The service also helps organization know if their intellectual property and other confidential information is being used inappropriately by employees.

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