INXPO logoSocial media technology firm INXPO has announced a new offering that will bring the technologies and social features used by TV networks to create interactive television to the workplace. The Social Business TV (SBTV) platform combines the conventional means for broadcasting and webcasting with social media tools to create interactive brands usable by employees, customers, and partners from within a single environment.

“Businesses today are relying more and more on the Internet for communication purposes. While current Internet communication solutions present a message, they don’t engage the audience. Sitting at a computer exposes the audience to many distractions thereby making the receipt, understanding and retention of the message challenging. That’s a problem in an age where more than 46 million people worldwide work remotely and where employees, customers and partners are just as likely to be across the globe as they are to be right next door”, said Malcolm Lotzof, CEO of INXPO.

The ready-made network offers web-based, interactive business communications with a variety of options including:

• Interactive elements, such as polls, chat, and surveys to ensure user engagement

• Moderated question and answer sessions for real-time, presenter-directed interaction

• Social media tools allowing audience members to interact and reinforced learned information.

• Integrated Salesforce Chatter, Facebook, Jive, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yammer.

• Privately branded web destinations organized by channels and programs for ease of use.

• Live and on-demand content with social media tools available between broadcasts.


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