launch of virtual innovation labsIQNavigator, a leading provider of non-employee workforce management, has launched IQN Labs, a virtual innovation lab that provides a forum for creative, collaborative, data-driven innovation. IQN Labs empowers procurement, supply chain and HR professionals, and executives to move to evidence-based practices and machine-intelligence supported action that improve contractor hiring and SOW management.

IQNavigator leverages data science techniques to deliver exploratory visualizations, research designs, advanced statistical methods, and machine learning to refine contingent hiring. IQN Labs offers meaningful measurement approaches, test best practices with real evidence, surface important insights and build computer support for optimized decision-making in contingent workforce management.

“IQNavigator is passionate about applying data science to uncover innovative solutions to today’s workforce management challenges, and our initial IQN Labs engagements are showing very interesting results,” said Sherri Hammons, Chief Technology Officer for IQNavigator. “With data science, we can raise statistically-based alerts, for example, around supplier performance or rate non-compliance, make valuable predictions around time-to-fill or rate trends for different job titles, and generate recommendations such as suggested job titles to use for a given job description or resources that match a particular requisition. We can produce data-driven machine intelligence that supports human decision-makers such as procurement specialists or hiring managers.”

IQN Labs offers varied levels of engagement, from one month to one year in length. Silver, Gold and Platinum levels bring visualizations, statistical modeling, or machine learning to bear on VMS challenges to provide business insight for rapid-action decision support for program optimization.

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