cloud based video conferencing serviceiQ Solutions Group LLC. (iQSG), has announced the availability of a new video conferencing service, iQ Cloud Video as a Service (VaaS). iQ Cloud VaaS provides a subscription service that allows customers to more affordably get the benefits of video conferencing such as increased productivity, improved collaboration and faster problem solving.

“Moving video conferencing to the cloud affords organizations great scalability, while allowing organizations to allocate capital to other projects, in addition reducing operational expenses. From an adoption perspective, companies now have the ability to deploy video conferencing throughout their organization within a few days, while providing connectivity to our Cloud Service for most any video enabled device,” said Tom Richardson, principal, iQSG.

“iQ Cloud VaaS is a Polycom Poweredvideo meeting service in the cloud, that allows us to offer a unique, easy to adopt, low-cost conferencing option to our clients,” said principal iQSG, Mark Nield. “This technology extends high-quality enterprise-grade video in a secure environment allowing users quick and reliable access to meetings, seminars, problem solving sessions and even interviews.”

Virtual Meeting Rooms provided via the cloud service allows clients to collaborate with remote teams, applicants, students and other contacts using any device, from any location. Sharing and discussing content is easy and adaptable whether on a large screen or small smartphone.

“Partners are an essential component of Polycom’s success. Our combined efforts help customers succeed, and together we will continue to drive growth and broader adoption of Polycom’s video, voice and content collaboration solutions,” said Roger Farnsworth, Polycom Senior Director of Services Marketing. “In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies need flexibility in how they work and prioritize their resources. That’s why we offer our partners Polycom Powered Video as a Service. The scalability and flexibility offered by software in a virtualized environment, coupled with subscription-based pricing, is a great option for their customers.”

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