yellow jobs street signDice Holdings, Inc.’s 2013 national hiring survey has determined that the professional workforce will expand during the first half of 2014 as 55 percent of hiring managers and recruiters plan to hire more staff. This is an increase of 3 percent of the same survey conducted six months ago and 9 percent higher than one year ago. The number is also the record high for the question, which was introduced into the survey in mid-2010.

“There’s no doubt the job market for professionals has been carrying the load for several years in new job creation. That’s why it’s encouraging that more companies are willing to step up the pace of hiring the further along we get in this recovery,” said Michael Durney, president and CEO at Dice Holdings, Inc. “For those intentions to be realized, companies need to rethink their approach to attracting candidates or they are at risk of falling behind.”

Over 40 percent of the hiring managers expecting to hire during the first six months of 2014 plan to hire up to 10 percent more employees over the second half of 2013. About one-third of these respondents plan to hire between 11 and 20 percent more employees, and 18 percent expect to beef up their workforce by between 21 and 30 percent. The most sough-after candidates will be those with between two and five years’ experience, followed by those with six to 10 years of experience. The drive for more experienced professionals is apparent in that demand for those with at least six years of experience rose from 49 percent six months ago to 53 percent, most recently.

Candidates are also becoming more selective in their job selection with 26 percent of hiring managers and recruiters reporting an increase in rejected job offers. Comparatively, just 12 percent reported an increase in the number of candidates accepting offers. Voluntary departures were also up as 39 percent of hiring managers and recruiters reported an increase in this behavior.


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