globeMobile hourly-jobs marketplace,, recently released its trend forecast for 2014. The forecast highlights four major trends for the upcoming year, which all suggest that now is a critical time for companies to embrace mobile technology and streamline their hiring processes.

The four trends for 2014 include:

1. Stronger Hourly Job Market research predicts that 2014 will produce a stronger-than-average job market for part-time and temporary hourly jobs. As the U.S. economy continues to improve in 2014, job seekers can expect a growth of more than 1 million new positions in the hourly jobs sector with hospitality, food and beverage, retail and skilled labor for construction and manufacturing leading the sector.

2. Operational Focus on Reducing Recruiting Inefficiencies

The hourly-jobs marketplace estimated that more than 1 billion hours will be devoted to pre-screening job applicants in 2014; so, companies must increase their time-to-hire and minimize the time allotted for inefficient manual pre-screening processes. says mobile prescreening and real-time matching technologies will play significant roles in helping companies compete for hourly workers.

3. Marketing Departments to Focus on Job Seeker’s Experience

Companies can expect a tighter collaboration between marketing, operations and HR, explains, as the job seeker experience will be an important area of focus from the brand marketing point of view.

4. More Job Searches via Mobile Devices than Computers

In 2013, processed more than 225,000 job applications, and nearly 40 percent of applicants preferred mobile Internet or text to complete applications. This year, the hourly jobs segment will experience the highest growth with most job seekers preferring mobile applications. According to, this means mobile technology will be critical to streamline processes and save companies time, energy and money in recruiting talent.

“Not having a mobile recruiting solution will become a serious competitive disadvantage in 2014,” Luis Salazar, CEO of, said. “For the first time ever, more people will search and apply for jobs from mobile devices than from computers, and job seekers are five to ten times more likely to abandon an online job application if it is not mobile friendly.”

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