Everyone has a take on how to do recruiting and job posting better. It seems like every day, a new startup takes on job posting with a little bit of a different spin than the last guy. It’s an incredibly dynamic, fragmented industry. The stakes in Internet employment are big and there are tons of players.

Job boards and recruiting technology vendors do well when they address very specific needs and real world problems. Jobzle, a new startup in the job board space, is well focused on solving the very real world problem of hiring local college students.

Their messaging on their site states that “Jobzle.com makes it easy to find hire local college students. It’s our mission to simplify the hiring process. By making personalized matches between students and employers we save businesses both time and money.” It was apparently started by a few Brown students who were frustrated when trying to find a part time job around campus.

The way Jobzle operates is the reverse of most job boards. Instead of candidates looking for particular job titles and locations, the search starts with the student’s college or university. After a student signs up, they can see all the jobs around their campus. It seems like an elegant solution to the complex problem of local student hiring. The solution makes sense – since this type of pre-graduate hiring is often generalized and hyper-local, both students and employers need an easy way to connect and communicate about open positions. The major job boards, which often focus on job title and industry specialty, do not address this particular problem well. Employers are still often left either posting newspaper ads or perhaps hanging tear-off tabbed pages on dormitory bulletin boards.

The site has not yet rolled out nationally, but of course it most likely will. It is this type of very specific, richly-contextual job site that keeps innovation flowing in recruitment technology.

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