newsKenexa, a global provider of HR technology, content, and services, has recently been selected by Norsk Hydro, a Norway based Aluminum provider with with activities throughout the value chain, to implement a worldwide employee engagement assessment. Hydro has over 23,000 employees in more thanĀ 40 countries representing a wide range of processes – including aluminum products and systems, renewable energy production, and technology development.

“Employee engagement has a strong influence on company success, and the level of service delivered to our customers,” said Lene Navestad, head of People Development at Norsk Hydro. “We expect the survey results to provide deep insight and — when combined with Kenexa’s unparalleled support and guidance — allow Hydro to act on the unique drivers of employee engagement for our multi-national culture, and support sustainable behavior change within the organization.”

The first assessment will provide a single global measurement for engagement within Hydro. Entitled the “Hydro Monitor,” the assessment is actually Norsk Hydro’s own global employee engagement survey that Kenexa will be administering during the first quarter of 2012. Kenexa may then potentially provide two additional surveys in 2014 and 2016. Utilizing their 20+ years of industry expertise, Kenexa will then analyze the findings and offer recommendations to Hydro for enhancing their high performance culture.

“Kenexa is a leader in understanding and improving how organizations measure and use employee feedback to drive performance,” said Nick Strope, a Director with Kenexa’s survey business. “Through employee engagement surveys, Hydro will have the insight needed to motivate and engage their workforce. By understanding how employees feel about working for the company, Hydro can effectively support behavioral change processes and measure the influence of improvements made worldwide.”

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