checkKnowledge mapping is usually performed by an HR Generalist or employee development/learning management specialist. Companies undergo the process in order to create an orderly map of the knowledge inside the organization that is required to meet the objectives and goals of the company.

A knowledge map describes the intellectual human capital and competencies of departments and employees. It may involve a highly detailed assessment of each individual contributor within an organization that requires employee surveys, management feedback, and in-person interviews with employees. A high level overview simply maps the job descriptions of the employees with specific competencies and knowledge that are required to meet the objectives of the organization. It can be, therefore, either be for general planning use or for specific and individual personnel planning, development, and management.

The utility of such a process can meet legal requirements, IP concerns, succession planning, talent development planning processes, and/or future talent and sourcing strategy development. In general, having a detailed map and process for updating employee knowledge and workflows can lead to an efficient and orderly overall workforce and talent development plan.

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