Linkedin groupsThere are well over a million LinkedIn groups now, all catering to specialized professions, locations, interests, and industries. Recruitment professionals can use LinkedIn groups to post jobs, network with members, and participate in discussions. LinkedIn groups are truly a recruiter’s playground, if not downright paradise!

Recruiter manages a number of specialized LinkedIn recruitment groups within the main Recruiter Network. Here is a list of the main Recruiter group and its sub-groups. Check them out and join any of these LinkedIn recruitment groups that look interesting!

Main Recruiter Network on Linkedin: The #1 LinkedIn Recruitment & Career Networking Social Media Group. Network with recruiters, find a job or headhunter. Read recruiting, HR, staffing, & employment news. Recruit talent, find jobs, careers, executive, alumni, and professional connection. Hundreds of thousands of members participate from across the globe.

LinkedIn Groups for Recruitment Professions

  1. Recruitment Agency Recruiters, Headhunters, Third Party Recruiters: Network with agency recruiters and headhunters. Develop split recruiting partnerships, recruit talent, & find jobs. Find best practices in client development, recruiter training, software, & technology.
  2. Corporate Recruiters, Talent Acquisition, Internal Recruitment: Network with corporate recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. Find jobs in HR and recruit talent for your team. Find recruiting best practices in employment branding, assessment, software, & technology.
  3. Staffing Industry Recruiters, Employment Agencies: Network with staffing professionals in contingent labor & temp work at employment and recruitment agencies. Find jobs and recruit talent for your company. Discuss client development, recruiting, & technology.

LinkedIn Groups for Specific Discussion Topics

  1. Social Media and Social Recruiting Discussion Group: Social Networks are very important to recruiters. Topics on Employment Branding, Recruiting, Jobs Distribution, Career Connection using a Network like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus.
  2. Recruitment Technology Discussion Group: Discuss applicant tracking systems, recruiting and CRM software, talent management technology, enterprise HR tech, job distribution, career & jobs portals, onboarding, and assessment tools.
  3. Recruitment and HR Bloggers & Website Discussion Group: Are you interested in blogging or running your own website? Discuss how to use blogs in recruiting or HR. Start a site or blog. Discuss career sites, branding, SEO, web development, WordPress.
  4. Candidate and Resume Sourcing Discussion Group: Discuss sourcing, recruiting and resume searching software, Internet search, Boolean, social networking, and everything related to finding talent through targeted sourcing efforts. Also find jobs for recruiters.
  5. Recruiter Split Placement Network: Splits group for recruiting agencies to partner on job requirements for split placements. Discuss splits, contracts, share open jobs, develop partnerships with independent recruiters. Make more placements.
  6. International Recruiting Discussion Group: Discuss international recruiting & global talent acquisition: globalization, sourcing candidates from different countries, job boards, country cultural & language differences, outsourcing, career site & tech.
  7. Recruiter Jobs: Everything about the Recruiting Career: All about recruiting jobs. Find a job, post recruiter jobs for both corporate & agency recruiting. Research the career. Find out ways to advance in the recruiting profession. Start out as a recruiter.
  8. Military Recruiting and Job Search: Looking to hire Army, Navy, Marine, or Air Force veterans? Use this group to hire veteran & discuss military recruiting issues. Hire armed forces, vets, post jobs for ex servicemen and servicewomen.

LinkedIn Groups for Location Based Local Networking

  1. New York Recruiter Networking Group: Network with recruiters in New York City, both corporate and agency recruiting professionals. Members in NYC and NY. Connect with alumni, friends, and colleagues. Find jobs and events in your local area.
  2. UK / England Recruitment Networking Group: Network with British recruiters in the UK, both recruitment agency and HR. Members in & near London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, & around England. Find English colleagues, alumni, events.

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