recognition makes employees happierIn most surveys about workers’ priorities, participants consistently rate compensation rates, obtaining promotions, and vacation time at the top. Also important is the flexibility to attend to family needs such a sick child or parent. But a new study from professional networking site LinkedIn shows that a significant number of employees care a lot about being recognized for their contributions with kind words from the boss. They don’t just want compliments on completion of big projects. They want their everyday achievements to be noticed and recognized.

An online survey of 450 full-time employees in late September and early October found that if the boss appreciates their everyday successes:

  • 58 percent of employees said they were more likely to have a better attitude at work.
  • 45 percent said they would be motivated to do a better job.
  • 32 percent said they would be motivated to stay with the company longer.

Supervisors who do not make a show of appreciating their employees run the risk of losing workers. Younger workers care about this the most. Some additional findings include:

  • 33 percent of workers across the board said they have resigned from a job because they did not feel that their everyday contributions were appreciated.
  • 37 percent of workers under 40 said they have quit because they were under-appreciated.

LinkedIn recommends not reserving compliments for the successful conclusion of a project or after meeting a deadline. Employees should be shown appreciation for their work every day.

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