BeachAccording to a recent publication straight from the White House, nine out of 10 Americans don’t feel their jobs allow them the flexibility to cater to their families. These employees also feel that, if their employers were to allow them more flexibility in their jobs, they would perform better at work.

Unless you are that lucky one in 10 who does feel they have enough flexibility, you, too, have probably felt the strain of a poor work-life balance. The OECD Better Life Index references the following areas as factors that employees consider when seeking great work-life balance:

  1. Total Hours Worked Per Week: Let’s face it, we all want to work fewer hours.
  2. Fun Rating: It’s much easier to work a job that’s fun than one that isn’t.
  3. Average Pay: For many, earning a better paycheck is a good tradeoff for working longer hours.
  4. Growth Potential: Don’t we all want some career mobility?
  5. Flexibility: Flexible schedules are desired more than ever, and thanks to technology, they’re also more possible than ever.
  6. Stress: Lower stress levels at work make for happier and healthier employees.

Jobs With the Best Work-Life Balance

Using to data pulled from around the Web, Fitness Mentors put together an infographic about the careers with the best work-life balance. The full infographic is available at the end of this post.

Here are some highlights:

Best Job Under 40 Hours per WeekAirline Pilot

If you enjoy flying the friendly skies and only want to work about 21 hours per week, a career in aviation may be right for you. Plus, most pilots make over $100,000 per year.

Best Job for Fun: Stunt Person 

If you want to have loads of fun and get paid for it, consider a career as a stunt performer. Your daily to-do list will include things like fast cars, explosions, martial arts, and hanging with celebrities.

Best Growth Potential: Personal Trainer

The personal training industry is slated to grow 13 percent through 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. This career also provides lots of flexibility, is low in stress, and is held in high regard by society.

Least Stressful Job: Hair Stylist

If you have ever worked a high-stress, job you know the toll it can take on your well-being. “Hair stylist” is considered to be one of the least stressful jobs and offers considerable growth for those who take the self-employment route.

Best Job for Working Moms: Fitness Trainer

Kids are a full-time job in and of themselves. Working moms who pursue a career in fitness training can create their own schedules and still make a great salary.

Best Job for Digital Nomads: SEO Specialist 

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can work from pretty much anywhere in the world as an SEO specialist.

What Are You Going to Be?

Work-life balance in a job is an important consideration for any person wanting to shift careers or start fresh. The meaning of “work-life balance” is truly up the individual, which is why it is important to determine what matters to you. Then, you can choose a job that meets your criteria for ultimate happiness.

Careers with Great Work-Life Balance - An Infographic from Fitness Mentors

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