Mike ZammutoHow many of us have had something embarrassing posted online about us? Even worse, something reputation damaging? For job seekers, an inappropriate photo or Facebook post could mean the difference between whether or not those people remain job seekers. For companies, this could mean a loss in revenue if consumers opt out of their services and/or products based off of a negative online reputation. The same holds true for employers seeking top talent.

In the age of “review,” sites like Yelp, Glassdoor and CNet, more and more people are researching a company, product and/or service before making their ultimate decisions (I use Yelp almost before I do anything). Having an online reputation is important and you want to ensure that yours reflects you and your company properly. That’s where Michael Zammuto steps in.

Zammuto is the President of ReputationChanger.com, a company dedicated to managing online reputations. Rated the no.1 online reputation management firm by TopSEOs.com, there’s a reason Zammuto and his staff manage the online reputations of everyone from professional athletes and celebrities to Fortune 500 companies.

Recruiter.com had the opportunity to speak with Zammuto. Read on to see what he had to say about the necessity of preserving your online image in today’s internet-driven world:

1. When was ReputationChanger.com created and why?

Over the last 10 years there have been two big trends on the internet. The first is the explosion of user-created content that came from social media, mobile, online deal and review sites and the explosion on blogging platforms. These accelerated securing the internet as the primary way that people make decisions on the internet. Google has benefited from both of these and the result is that the results when people search for us or our organization have emerged as a critical personal and professional asset that people were left unprepared to manage.

2. How exactly does the site work? How can companies use the site?

We help people take control of their online reputations through two primary businesses: The ReputationChanger.com Command Center is a free resource that allows you to monitor and manage your reputation. It integrates with our professional services business which offers reputation management, brand enhancement and other services to individuals, businesses of all sizes, educational and governmental clients.

3. Please explain “online reputation repair” and why this is significant for a company.

Controlling online content about your company is the best way to ensure that your message gets out and potential clients have a chance to hear your story. You present your business’s best face in your stores or offices; we help you do that online.

4. Does ReputationChanger.com help both companies and individuals?

No matter who you are, or whether you represent a professional business, Reputation Changer can help. Reputation Changer’s National Accounts practice includes Fortune 100 businesses in a broad range of industries, universities, charitable institutions, government and many other fields.

5. Why is a company’s reputation significant? A job seeker’s?

Nearly every individual and organization has an interest in managing their online reputation. Almost $ 2 trillion in retail sales involve online research. Job seekers and anyone who works with the public or has a public image, such as an athlete or a politician, needs the information about them online to be as accurate and positive as possible. Look at the impact of online reputation on Tiger Woods or Lindsay Lohan, for example. Everyone makes mistakes and millions of people have had an embarrassing content, posts or pictures posted online.

6. How many companies (and/or individuals) has ReputationChanger.com helped since its inception?

Reputation Changer has well over ten thousand clients. The Internet has changed the way we all live as well as the way we do business, but we’re only beginning to map its potential. We argue that it’s important to start early when it comes to protecting information about you or your business. Don’t wait until something negative pops up—and don’t wait until new apps or services threaten your online reputation in new ways.

7. Final thoughts?

Reputation Changer is the top rated reputation management firm by TopSEOs and the largest dedicated online reputation management firm. The firm has grown over 1500 percent in the last two years by innovating and strictly following a content-first strategy and focusing on the client’s success instead of our own.

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