news blockImpact-investing network, Maximpact, has invited new registrants in the impact and sustainability sectors to list projects using its global reaching, deal-listing portal. The company says that each free (and commission free) listing directly connects users with partners and potential funders worldwide.

The platform builds bridges between diverse parts of the impact investing sector to connect:



-Investment funders;

-Impact pioneers; and

-Ecological and green technology businesses.

The company said its latest registration numbers produced more than 1500 business opportunities, 350+ financial institutions and 500 live projects.

“Our platform is designed to encourage collaboration among users and we welcome opportunities to work with other parts of the sector ourselves,” Tom Holland, founder and CEO of Maximpact, said. “We are looking forward to playing an active role in finding the solution we’re all looking for in this developing sector.”

After being vetted and approved to one of the three access groups (entrepreneurs, intermediaries and funds), registrants receive notification and are given access to log onto the secure platform. Users can immediately start listing projects and begin searching for deals.

Maximpact explains that entrepreneurs and nonprofits can present their projects and connect with intermediaries and funders looking to invest in the impact and sustainability sector.

For more information and to register, visit here.


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