September 24, 2014

Mblast Launches Digital Lead Discovery and Scoring Solution as Data-as-a-Service

digital lead and discovery daasMblast, provider of ranked and vetted customers, has introduced a digital lead discovery and scoring solution, in a data-as-a-service format, designed to integrate with any digital infrastructure. Mblast scans gathers profiles of a target audience to uncover potential customers with proprietary accuracy of intent and timing, and ranks them with a unique propensity score. Profiles are delivered to clients in formats that integrate with existing CRM or promotional outreach systems. With this information, clients are able to manage challenges and alert or secure customers before competitors.

“Rather than rely on their rear-view mirror for insight or prediction, companies are now able to see, in the moment, what their customers and prospects are about to do,” said Mblast’s CEO, Mark Hatch. “They can add our profiles to their company’s existing marketing technology portfolio and processes, and in their tactical use, cut acquisition costs, improve cross-sell/up-sell and drastically reduce churn.”

Mblast filters and ranks each lead based on distinct, contextual buying signals:

  • Events: Individuals who are experiencing a life event are prime targets for particular solutions, products or offers from a company or brand.
  • Influential Sharing: Thought leaders who can cause others in their networks to consider a product or service are useful transmitters of messages and information.
  • Sentiments: Customers who have indicated satisfaction, dissatisfaction, or interest in products or services are receptive to the right message.
  • Intent: All of these elements add up to Intent, which is also scored individually.
  • Increased segmentation and directions for engagement: Along with their scores, Mblast’s digital profiles typically include contact information, demographic and location data, social media accounts, and a list of the subject’s digital content and most frequent topics.

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