manilla folderKnowledgeAdvisors, developer of the Metrics that Matter talent analytics platform, has announced the launch of MTM Mobile, a mobile app for iOS and Android designed to help organizations improve efficiency, productivity, and engagement with access to evaluation data. Available only to Metrics that Matter subscribers, MTM mobile provides social tools for choosing appropriate courses based on feedback, thus reducing “scrap learning” by participants. MTM is included as part of all existing subscriptions.

“Companies desire to support a more mobile and social culture in order to drive employee efficiency and productivity. Employees need to know what learning resources are available to them, whether they are sitting at their desktop or working on the go. With our latest mobile app, they can leverage Metrics that Matter® to better connect to those resources in the location and formats they prefer,” said KnowledgeAdvisors CEO Kent Barnett.

MTM Mobile allows students to view class lists and programs scheduled within an MTM account. Classes are viewable by location or can be found via a general search of a company’s training catalog. The app also display star ratings and comment data to help users make more informed decisions on how to direct their learning paths.

“KnowledgeAdvisors is proud to give a company’s employees the information needed to make informed decisions about what training to select,” says Barnett. “It helps increase learning effectiveness, because when employees select the right classes, scrap learning naturally decreases.”


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