mobile employee logoIn the era of BYOD and an ever mobilizing, and socializing, workforce, ADVAA-developed Mobile Employee is out to help companies confront security and productivity issues that sometimes spoil the benefits of an ever more connected workplace.

“Mobile Employee is the next generation Mobile Device Manager or MDM 2.0 as we like to call it and it’s a powerful and flexible employee cell phone monitoring solution in the world where BYOD, CYOD and other buzz words in the mobile space are creating issues for businesses seeking to implement and maintain their corporate data policies,” said Sean Weatherburn, Director Intellectsoft UK.

Mobile Employee both captures data from a range of mobile devices and gives employers and employees the means to control it either locally or remotely. The customizable monitoring functionality of the software gives users the ability to monitor, track, and control a broad range of devices. Some of the primary features of Mobile Employee include:

• Monitor and tracking of call logs, emails, texts, browsing history and bookmarks, installed programs and apps, multimedia content, and more.

• Track mobile devices via GPS or Cell ID.

• Locally or remotely control devices to activate recording functionality, lock, restrict incoming calls, block access to restricted web content or programs, run a wipeout command, and more.

Weatherburn continued, “Employee monitoring while not being the panacea to all your business problems, is becoming an essential component of companies’ risk management strategy. We are very excited to have added Mobile Employee cell phone monitoring software into our solution portfolio and we firmly believe that its functionality can give instantaneous peace of mind to business owners while providing safer and more comfortable working environments for their employees.”

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