connected blue puzzle recently released its Workforce Talent survey of nearly 6,000 registered Monster users, and results show that, when it comes to finance, engineers and finance professionals are the most satisfied workers.

More than one third (36%) of finance and accounting professionals reported being fully satisfied with all aspects of their job. Accountants, management analysts, market research analysts and marketing specialists ranked as the top three jobs in the finance and accounting industry. HR specialists and loan officers closed out the top five.

An overwhelming majority of participants (80%) also said they were confident in the new job prospects in the industry.

Findings include:

  • 43%  said there are more job openings now than there were a year ago
  • 46% would relocate for the right opportunity
  • 76% agree that it is more challenging to find a job now than it was a year ago
  • Just one fifth (20%) of employees believe that employers are willing to provide higher compensation

“Employers need to be careful and not be penny wise and pound foolish,” Jeffrey Quinn, VP of Monster’s Global Insights, said. “With 80% of Finance and Accounting employees positive about their prospects of finding a new job, and 80% believing compensation is not keeping up with this marketplace reality, employers need to strongly consider how to be competitive for the best talent.”

Top 10 Occupations:

1. Accountants
2. Management Analysts
3. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
4. Human Resources Specialists
5. Loan Officers
6. Training and Development Specialists
7. Financial Analysts
8. Auditors
9. Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, and Farm Products
10. Personal Financial Advisors

Top 10 Markets:

1. New York
2. Chicago
3. Houston
4. Washington D.C.
5. Atlanta
6. San Francisco
7. Los Angeles
8. Boston
9. Dallas
10. Seattle

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