social-networkCRMATCH, a fledgling ICT solutions provider for managing recruitment and employment processes, has announced a new recruitment solution based on Microsoft Dynamics and WCC ELISE. CRMATCH is an accurate CRM system with intelligent search and match functionality to help recruiters manage complex data and find the right candidate via their database, job sites, and social networks. On top of the Microsoft Dynamics core, CRMATCH offers functions such as integration with Microsoft Exchange, multiposting capabilities, and automatic job postings to social media.

The primary selling point, however, is the intelligent search and match functionality. CRMATCH uses ELISE for searching through candidate profiles, vacancies, emails, and appointments.

“We wanted to offer a modern, scalable, stable and flexible product,” says Ruben Lamot, Managing Consultant at CRMATCH. “ELISE came out on top – hands down.”

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to present such a sophisticated solution,” says Peter Went, CEO of WCC. “CRMATCH offers the ultimate combination of knowledge and technology, in which ELISE supports the search functions. It all fits seamlessly with the natural workflow of recruiters.”


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