January 16, 2014

My Foot in the Door’s Graduate Career Search Platform Enhanced with University Portal

open orange folderCollege graduate-focused job placement company My Foot in the Door has announced the release of University Portal, a software expansion to the company’s graduate career search platform. The enhancement grants college administrators access to performance metrics about current students and alumni relating to job searches and career successes. The University Portal offers university leaders real-time data about who is hiring their students and how successful their students become once hired.

The web-based solution expands upon the existing Candidate Portal, which offers entry-level candidates an introduction to soft-skills identification and enhancement. Consultants also provide career guidance throughout the job cycle in order to shorten the process of finding best-fit careers. University leadership may develop core strategies around University Portal metrics to pinpoint ways for ensuring the long-term career success of their students.

This great visibility given to student-body success provides insights into how to improve the university experience for better prepared graduates entering the ultra-competitive job market. My Foot in the Door Career Consultants provide graduates the assistance and guidance they need throughout their career searches and arranges for interview preparation in line with specific goals for enhancing soft skills to match college-earned hard skills.

Online tools, such as video conferencing, peer-resume evaluation, and career opportunity management, shorten the hiring process while preparing graduates for the hiring process.


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