ring of peopeMyCrowd, the world’s first and largest crowd aggregator connecting customers to a myriad of freelance talent, recently announced its formal launch, including the addition of Asana and BaseCamp software integrations into its platform.

The innovative company helps connect customers with a crowd of 10 million talented freelancers from the rapidly growing and increasing popular freelance market by integrating into the task management and productivity software businesses use every day.

Aside from Asana and BaseCamp, addiontional features of MyCrowd include:

  • Users gain single-click access to specialized workers via PowerPoint, Optimizely, and Google Docs, among a growing number of others.
  • Optimizely integration helps customers get the most out of their experience by bringing MyCrowd’s workforce directly into the app to help with page design, imagery, creating new experiments or writing code.
  • Support for AB testing products includes future integrations with Visual Website, Optimizer, Unbounce, Convert.com and more.
  • Bookmarklet enables MyCrowd to launch as an overlay atop virtually any website, including Office 365 and Google Docs.

“MyCrowd turns the familiar freelancing model on its head by bringing high quality workers directly to users,” Matthew Cordasco, MyCrowd CEO, said. “Every day millions of tasks are left undone because it’s too much of a hassle to navigate to a portal like 99designs to create an entire project to complete a task.  MyCrowd opens up a level of convenience in requesting and managing tasks that is a boon to business folks.”



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