line graphThe Employment Report for July 2013 highlights the job growth experienced over the past 18 consecutive months, the decrease in layoffs, overall salary increases, and rising investor confidence. Working off of the recent job’s report released by the Department of Labor, MedZilla reports that 195,000 jobs were placed on the job market as adjustments were made to the previous two month’s reports showing a significant increase in employment numbers. Overall, the revised figures add more than 70,000 jobs with an average of over 195,000 jobs being added by employers each month.

The report notes that the data supports the idea that the country is undergoing a long-term trend in job growth and economic recovery rather than a monthly fluke. Wages rose by 10 cents in June, raising the year-to-date total to over 50 cents, on average. The report also found that layoffs are at their second lowest level since 2000. Job losses may even reach lows that have not been seen since the 1990’s, according to employment experts Challenger, Grey & Christmas.

International financial experts are predicting that the U.S. unemployment rate could sink to below 6.5 percent by the end of 2014.The Federal Reserve currently plans to end its policy of holding down interest rates once reaching the 6.5 percent threshold. Investor confidence has also shot up thanks to an improved influx of workers in manufacturing and a markedly recovered housing market.


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