social media conceptTo celebrate National Small Business Week (June 17 – 21), Deluxe Corp. is publishing a new social media-based app designed to help “unmask” small business owners by asking what motivated them to start their businesses. The new app called“7 Types of Small Business Owners” was inspired by Deluxe’s recent research into the “DNA” of America’s Small Business Owners, is available on the company’s Facebook page.

The app asks entrepreneurs 11 short “Yes” or “No” questions about the motivations behind their business startups. For example, “Did you start your business because you didn’t want to work for someone else?”, “Did you start your business from a passion of yours?”, and ”Did you start your business to get a fresh start?”

Based off their responses, participants are categorized into one of seven distinct SMB owner profiles. They can also see what percentage of other owners fall into the same group. The categories include:

  • All Heart: They’re in business for one reason: to do what they love and share it with others.
  • Encore Career: Team players who are entering a second phase of their careers and took a risk with starting their own businesses.
  • Passionately Confident: Risk-takers who are born to be business owners, enjoy choosing their own paths and are very passionate about their life’s work.
  • All in the Family: Traditional-types who inherited their status as SMB owners, accounting for their long tenure and larger business size.
  • My Way: Self-motivated owners who started their own businesses for the opportunity to get what they most value – control over their schedules and hours.
  • Mastering the Niche: Visionaries who began their businesses because they saw an opportunity and wanted to capitalize on it.
  • Boss-me-not: Experienced business professionals who left their for-profit, corporate, and entirely-unrelated jobs to be their own bosses.

The app will be live on the company’s page until July 31.

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