July 24, 2013

New Book Offers 3,000+ Appraisal Phrases to Help with Employee Evaluations

flipping magazine pageWhen conducting employee evaluations, do you ever get tired of saying the same, boring, routine phrases? Ever wish you could leave new and exciting feedback for your staff during the performance review process, but just cannot seem to find the right words? Well, international developer and author Patrick Alain can help you with that.

Alain aims to help employers “say goodbye to surface phrases and hello to thoughtful feedback” with his new book, “The Quick and Easy Performance Appraisal Phrase Book: 3,000+ Powerful Phrases for Successful Reviews, Appraisals, and Evaluations.” Based off his latest research on how managers should communicate in today’s society, “The Quick and Easy Performance Appraisal Phrase Book” offers readers a collection of thousands of ready-to-use phrases that will allow managers to accurately review their employees. The book includes ready-made manuscripts to help managers:

Say what needs to be said;

  • Take charge;
  • Boost their team’s productivity;
  • Get the work done, and done correctly;
  • Address sticky situations; and
  • Much more.

Check out a few phrases from the book:

How to appraise an employee’s customer service skills

You have really raised the bar here on how we treat our customers.”

“I’d like to see you do more in terms of really going the extra mile to make our customers happy.”

How to appraise an employee’s ability to work with a team

“I think you need to work harder on playing well with others.”

“You seem much more comfortable in working solo; is there a reason for this?”

How to appraise an employee’s ethics

“It is a great comfort knowing that I never have to worry about your moral or ethical compass.”

“Solid ethics are the backbone of any prosperous business. I really hope you know that.”

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