November 15, 2011

New Features Added to Batrus Hollweg International’s (BHI) Click and Hire

NewsLeading human capital management consulting firm, Batrus Hollweg International (BHI) has incorporated new features into its applicant tracking system “Click and Hire”, which will benefit the restaurant industry.

Click and Hire is user-friendly and affordable, with new key features such as Activity History, Post Hire Perspective, Calendar Integration, and HR Analytics.

According to Lori Bierman, V.P Talent Solutions, “These new features are designed to make the hiring process even more seamless and efficient. Each of these features will provide the client with valuable information to support their talent management strategy.”

Recruiters will now be able to track an applicant through the whole hiring process with its Activity History, as well as manage communication to applicants and users. The Calendar Integration provides the user to send out calendar invites for candidate interviews automatically. The Post Hire Perspective allows differentiation between hires and applicants and the HR analytics provides interactive graphs that allow tracking.

Bierman adds, “BHI is committed to continually adding new features to Click and Hire to help our clients effectively manage their applicants at all levels within the organization and save valuable time.”

BHI is a leader in providing talent management solutions that help companies hire qualified candidates. Consultants are available to assist with hiring all the way to retirement. For more information on BHI and Click and Hire, please visit their website at:

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