here on biz linkedinStart-up developer Here On Biz has released its new app that integrates chat and location awareness to LinkedIn through any iDevice. The program allows traveling professionals to locate other Here On Biz users around them and engage in online conversations that may lead to real-world meetups.

“Some apps are great at helping people locate their Facebook friends or romantic interests nearby, but we believe business professionals are being left out,” said Nick Smoot, CMO of Here On Biz. “Many professionals don’t want their work relationships mixing with their personal lives, which happens all the time on social networks. They’re seeking connections focused on closing deals and climbing the corporate ladder; and that’s exactly what we’ve built.”

The connectivity between Here On Biz and a LinkedIn account gives users instant visibility to others around them and the ability to locate contacts by neighborhood. The ability to then begin an online chat sessions opens up the possibility of face-to-face business meetings or network building opportunities. Even Here On Biz users who are not current LinkedIn contacts are visible to each other, may invite one another on LinkedIn, and then begin chatting once the invitation has been accepted.

“We knew the importance of mobile, but it really hit home when Gartner reported over 296 million smartphones shipped worldwide last year and comScore calculated over 100 million Americans are carrying smartphones. It’s the Wild West right now and opportunity abounds if you think creatively,” said Allen Hartwig, CEO of Here On Biz. “Some companies capitalized on connecting friends, others by moving resumes to an online format; we are taking business networking into the era of instant, on-demand, geo-based convenience.”

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