nice performance management now with gamificationNICE Systems has announced the release of the new NICE Performance Management solution to boost employee engagement through gamification capabilities. The new release expands on the gamification tools introduced into the solution last year and improving on the most common colored icons and charts used in most market offerings. Gamification is a recent development in ways of addressing the problem of falling employee engagement, which sat at just 30 percent of American service workers according to a Gallup report. Each disengaged employee is estimated to cost their company 46 percent of their pay in lost productivity.

Expanded gamification capabilities implemented into the new release include:

• The addition of points for recognizing performance and achievements coupled with a marketplace for converting points into goods and services.

• Individual and team-level challenges for driving competition and collaborative teamwork.

• Simplified back-end administration making it easier to design, introduce, and track the impact of gamification challenges.

“Gamification is a powerful tool to drive performance improvements, reward top performers, and lower turnover and training costs. That’s why our customers have been quick to adopt these capabilities within NICE Performance Management. We believe that this latest release reinforces our position as the Workforce Optimization market and product leader. We continue to innovate so that companies can foster engaged employees who will get them closer to their customers, and ultimately deliver an exceptional customer experience,” said NICE Enterprise Group President Yochai Rozenblat.

NICE Systems also offers the NICE Gamification Playbook, which offers lessons on how gamification can help engage employees.


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