Bet on Tech Infographic sectionIf finding the best talent was a game of chance, your company should place its bets on some emerging technology trends. At least that’s what the latest infographic from SparkHire, online video resume and interviewing platform, suggests.

The infographic, “Why HR Should Bet on Tech,” offers HR professionals a few key reasons why their companies need to place their bets on new technology. And just what are those reasons? The following are key tech trends listed in the infographic:

Social Media

  • 94 percent of recruiters plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts
  • And those who used social media reported a decrease in time-to-hire (33%), higher quantity of candidates (42%), and higher quality candidates (49%)

Big Data

  • Big data is expected to generate 4.4 million jobs by 2015
  • Using big data helps recruiters “crunch” as much information every two days as they did from the dawn of civilization to 2003

Video Interviewing

  • More than 6 in 10 companies are now using video interviews in their recruiting process
  • Recruiters can watch 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to conduct one phone interview


  • 70 percent of active job seekers are using their mobile devices to look for jobs
  • Yet, just 7 percent of companies have a mobile version of their career website

Bet on Tech Infographic

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