January 15, 2013

New Tool for Evaluating Tech Candidates

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trueabiliy logoTech startup TrueAbility has announced the end of its closed beta and a Q1 2013 release target for its flagship AbilityScreen service for evaluating technical job candidates. The cloud-based assessment service helps recruiters gauge the abilities of technical candidates in areas such as technologies, platforms, vendor certifications, and industry standards. AbilityScreen presents real-world issues to candidates who must use their skills to solve problems in a live-server environment.

The purpose of AbilityScreen is to place the candidate into their would-be work environment so that they may demonstrate the expertise in the tasks required most for the job. The service can be used to test candidates from anywhere in the world and evaluates critical thinking skills and resource efficiency so that employers can get a true-to-life idea of how the candidate would adapt to learning in the workplace.

“The demand for qualified technical expertise in the enterprise has changed, but the way we screen and hire these candidates has not,” said Graham Weston, lead investor and Chairman of Rackspace. “TrueAbility can evolve this space much to the benefit of companies everywhere.”

“We’ve built TrueAbility based on the team’s collective experience of 30 years in learning how to best recruit technical talent,” stated Luke Owen, CEO of TrueAbility. “The technical recruiting process today is archaic. We can help companies and organizations worldwide recruit the right talent, save money and architect the right technical talent strategy.”

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