May 18, 2012

New Website Demystifies Insurance Jargon

unumAs the insurance landscape grows more complex and more people look to better understand their health insurance coverages and benefits, the potential to be confused or misinformed increases. Benefits provider Unum has responded with a new website designed to give real-world explanations to benefits questions that may arise at any stage of life. The site,, provides information regarding insurance coverages such as disability, life, accident, health, retirement, and more. Users may also create information summaries and share what they’ve learned on their social media profiles.

“Employee benefits are crucial to the financial stability of individuals and families, and employees have more responsibility than ever for making important benefits decisions,” said David Leopold, senior vice president for Unum. “This site takes a straightforward, interactive approach to explaining benefits and answering common questions about insurance coverage.”

In addition to benefits explanations, once registered, users gain access to a comprehensive glossary that explains common insurance terms and a collection of statistics that offer facts about how and why employees use their benefits. Workplaces may also benefit from an informed workforce. In a recent Unum survey, 82 percent of employees who self-rated their knowledge of benefits as high reported that their employer was a very good to excellent place to work. “The more employees understand about their benefits, the more engaged and positive they feel at work,” Leopold said.

“The site offers objective, useful information about the broad spectrum of employee benefits – even beyond the benefits offered by Unum,” Leopold said. “The goal of the site is to help people see how employee benefits protect their financial stability, and to give them the information they need to make well-informed, thoughtful benefits decisions.”


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