bioiq logoHealth improvement technology company BioIQ has announced a new set of health-improvement and wellness solutions for employers and health plan providers to optimize their employee-specific wellness investments. The four targeted solutions include BioIQ Dimensions, BioIQ Axis, BioIQ Ecosystem, and BioIQ Advisor.

BioIQ Dimensions is a health-screening platform that collects biometric data from employees through methods, such as on-site screening, local labs, physician visits, and home test kits. The platform uses analysis based in behavioral science and engages employees through communications tools that offer a consumer-friendly and secure environment.

BioIQ Axis directs employees to specific interventions based on their own risks and needs. Axis provides rewards and outcomes tracking, automated communications, health assessment tools, health coaching, and compliance tools developed by BioIQ and third-party companies.

BioIQ Ecosystem is a suite of solutions for specific health and wellness-management needs. Ecosystem aligns the array of solutions to each participant based on person risk and need for certain interventions.

BioIQ Advisor is a health-management solution that makes the process of collecting, integrating, and reporting health and wellness data more quick and efficient. Advisor tracks data year-over-year in order to monitor progress, pinpoint potential health risks, and calculate ROI. Aggregated reports are accessible from a customizable dashboard within the Advisor platform.

“We have created an open environment to bring the industry’s best health and wellness solutions to employers of any size,” Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ, said. “Our platform is the foundation for outcomes-based wellness, performance measurement, population stratification, and assignment of targeted health-improvement solutions based on each participant’s actual risk.”

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