novu released platform to close care gapConsumer health and technology services firm, Novu, recently launched the Novu “Quality Engagement Platform” (QEP), an online consumer health engagement program tailored specifically to assist health insurance companies in engaging and motivating their membership in taking preventative actions to lead healthier lives through a proven wellness approach. Through Novu’s new QEP, payers, such as those offering government-sponsored programs like Medicare Advantage, can address these issues with programs that integrate health and personalized wellness content and provide a platform for delivering rewards and incentives to help members take preventative actions, such as various screening tests, to reduce overall health system costs.

The Novu QEP focuses on the most impactful domains within the Medicare Advantage Five Star Quality Rating System: staying healthy through screenings, tests, vaccines and medication adherence. Not limited to government plans, Novu QEP also helps commercial plans differentiate themselves and deliver cost-effective, tailored engagement to facilitate relevant, member-driven wellness actions and decisions that drive favorable outcomes to close essential gaps in care.

“Novu is an innovative solution that harnesses the science of engagement in a single platform to evolve the way health plans and their members communicate and collaborate, and in some cases even ignite conversations where none had existed before,” Tom Wicka, CEO of Novu, said. “Our Novu platform delivers a consumer-centric health engagement and rewards model that is proven to work with people of all ages, and we believe our new QEP product has the unique ability to identify and help close care gaps in health care communities across the nation. We will continue to enhance features as we work closely with our partners and customers in the coming months but today’s QEP represents a seminal product that can truly affect quality metrics – a major step in transforming the health system.”

“With less than 20 percent of all seniors participating in critical screening events such as blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, annual physicals and simple flu vaccinations, we see a significant opportunity to close the care gap through more engaged members,” Wicka said.


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