Older man talking with businesswomanIt seems like it’s tough enough to stand out in today’s competitive job market as it is without having to deal with additional obstacles that other candidates may not have to face. However, if you’re an older job seeker, you may already realize that this is the unfortunate reality of your situation in many cases.

The increasing prevalence of layoffs, job cutbacks, and other similar issues has led to more unemployed  older workers who are now back out there on the market. Many of these workers are no doubt finding it tough to compete with younger, hungrier versions of themselves who are willing to work longer hours for less.

So how can you compete and convince an employer to give you the job over the competition? Here are some great ways to sell yourself and increase your chances of being hired.

1. Sell your experience

Many of your competitors aren’t just going to be young. They’re also going to be well-educated and knowledgeable when it comes to key elements like technology, very attractive assets to a potential employer. However, you have something in your corner that the younger people won’t: the solid know how and expertise that comes from years and years of experience in your field. In your resume and during a job interview, you should be using your experience level as a major selling point, because it’s definitely the way to give yourself an edge.

2. Enhance communication skills

Make sure when you’re walking into your job interviews you’re doing so with confidence that comes across clearly and easily, as well as when you open your mouth to speak or answer questions. Sit up straight. Make eye contact. Maybe even practice your communication skills with a friend beforehand by way of a mock interview or run through. Don’t let the strangeness of the situation and your nerves sabotage you. You are bringing plenty to the table in regards to this company, so remind yourself of that.

3. Be prepared

Today’s employer wants to know that a given job candidate has done his/her homework in regards to their company. Take some time to a company’s website beforehand and get a feeling for its focus as a corporation, as well as its mission statement regarding what the company is looking to put out there in the world. Tailor your cover letter and resume to match as well. Also be prepared to answer questions about why you want to work for the company, what you in particular can bring to the table that no one else can, and so forth.

Although it can feel that way sometimes, it’s far from impossible to land the job of your dreams when you’re an older worker. All it takes is a little knowledge and practice in regards to how you can play to your strengths.


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