newsAdvanced Personnel Systems (APS) has recently announced the latest webinar installment in their ongoing best practices series. On August 25th, 2011, APS invites recruiters and HR professionals to their broadcast, “On-Boarding for Success: A vital 90-day transition.” The webinar will focus on the the importance of onboarding and integrating new hires into the workplace. People interested in the webinar can register at:

“Through close cooperation with human resources consultants and our vendor partners, we are pleased to offer our customers proactive resources and timely information to keep up with changes in recruitment landscape.” said Doug Coull, CEO at APS. “Our best practices webcasts are offered in addition to our weekly user training sessions.”

During “On-Boarding for Success: A vital 90-day transition,” participants will learn how the first first few months are a critical period of development for new employees. The message is on building positive relationships with new hires and providing them with the tools and training they need to succeed on the job.

“A recent employment industry study shows that 85% of new hires decide within the first six months whether or not they will stay with their new employer, APS said in a recent press release for the webinar. “This decision largely depends on the relationship between the new hire and their manager, and how they are treated during the critical first 90 days of employment. With a lot of attention placed on recruiting the right employees, the study also shows employers often don’t spend as much time as they should on-boarding new hires to ensure employee engagement and retention.”

The webinar will also introduce the latest version of SmartSearch – APS’ comprehensive talent acquisition and staffing management software – and makes note of its on-boarding solutions. Dawn Kohler, CEO of  The Inside Coach, a corporate training and development company, will host the webinar.

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