September 20, 2012

Online Payroll Popularity Signals Death of Paper Statements

techAmerica’s leading payroll education and training company, American Payroll Association, has revealed that 76 percent of employees prefer viewing their pay stub online, according to the 2012 Getting Paid in America survey. A further 15 percent of employees were ambivalent and would be open to a switch to a paperless-only delivery method. Just 9 percent were against the use of such a program. The paperless payroll process involves the use of a secure online portal in lieu of traditional paper paycheck delivery methods.

Other results worked to reinforce the data supporting the idea that employees are extraordinarily open to electronic payment option with 97 percent of survey respondents indicating that they receive payment either through direct deposit or some type of payroll card. Electronic payment methods are available even for employees without a bank account. A mere 3 percent of respondents reported being paid by paper paycheck.

“The survey indicates that employees strongly favor using technology to review their paycheck details. The results support the trend we have seen among our customers who are adopting Web technologies for payroll every day,” said Liz Bucko, director of payroll and tax product management at Ultimate Software. “We commend payroll professionals who are all working hard to manage the process efficiently by keeping employees happy, supporting their businesses with an accurate and compliant payroll, and helping our economy move forward.”

The survey included responses from approximately 30,600 employees and was part of the American Payroll Associations annual public awareness campaign.

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