blue puzzle piecesHuman capital solutions provider OrcaEyes has announced the launching of a next-generation, “intelligent” modular solution to help organizations optimize talent management strategies. The 14 new modules add intelligence to specific management functions, such as recruiting, compensation, and EEO, to help derive more value from talent management tools. OrcaEyes’ expanded platform performs sophisticated analytics and business intelligence for talent management functions, including:

• Leadership, top performer, and critical position retention and development

• Succession planning and bench strength

• Supply and Demand Forecasting

• Recruiting

• Diversity initiatives

• Retirement planning/benchmarking

“From my own experience, I know HR leadership lives in a demanding, fast-pace and high-pressure environment where talent management challenges and objectives change daily. Having sophisticated talent management systems that require extensive time and monetary resources, as well as buy in from line managers, only to then have them deliver little tangible return on investment can make their jobs even more complex, confusing and frustrating,” Dan Hilbert, CEO of OrcaEyes, said. “With the introduction of our new intelligent modules—which include best practice recommendations—we are empowering these leaders to optimize the processes surrounding these systems in order to create better results.”

He adds, “In real world HR, there’s no time, resources or budget for rocket science. Our solutions aggregate data from a number of in-house systems to perform correlations and analysis, allowing specific pieces to be presented to leaders in an easily digestible and actionable form so they can make intelligent data-driven decisions.”

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